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PR ought to be in the B2B marketing mix because that’s where tech buyers look first

55% of B2B tech decision-makers look to B2B news outlets for information first, but placements have value across the whole buying lifecycle

Last week I covered a survey finding B2B technology decision-makers give B2B marketing-generated content a letter grade of “D.” The single most common answer as to why (42%) was “the content was too general.”

If prospects aren’t getting what they need from businesses, where do they turn for information?

According to the same survey, B2B news publications are the top source. Here’s how the

  • 55% B2B news publications;
  • 52% social media;
  • 47% industry newsletters;
  • 45% industry events;
  • 37% industry podcasts;
  • 33% industry magazines;
  • 31% research consultancies; and
  • 26% mainstream news.

And here’s a look at those answers graphically (click image for higher resolution):

I have reviewed a lot (hundreds?) of marketing surveys over the years and B2B news outlets frequently come out at the top of the source list. This suggests to many in B2B marketing as a medium to reach the top of the funnel.

That’s certainly true, but as I’ve been saying for years, what you do with a media mention is as important as getting it in the first place (See: 12 things you should do to amplify a media mention once you’ve earned it).

The third-party credibility that comes with a citation in an independent news source can serve as an effective touch or sales enablement piece supporting conversions.

It also supports customer marketing – reinforcing the notion to existing customers they made the right choice initially. They might even learn from an article about how other customers are using your product.

All this reinforces the assertion that PR needs to be in the B2B marketing mix for most companies.

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Image: DALLE, “a newspaper on top of a big mountain in the style of van Ghoh

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