About Sword and the Script Media, LLC | Atlanta, GA

Sword and the Script Media, LLCAs marketing and PR continuously evolve, there are no experts, only students passionately dedicated to adaptation and improvement. 

A decade ago this site began as a simple blog covering the rapidly evolving digital landscape of marketing communications in public relations (PR), marketing and social media. Today, it is a business.

As there is no such thing as experts in marketing – we are all forever students – in many ways the site was equal parts passion, hobby, experiment and professional development for founder Frank Strong.

With a long history of both military service in reserve components (the sword) and civilian employment in marketing communications (the script), the lessons learned while engaged in two simultaneous professions began to merge under the domain name of this site.

His military career taught Strong planning, process, precision, leadership, and of course, perseverance. A career in business taught him the language of finance, the art of writing and instilled a passion for marketing, PR and digital evolution of both.

In the process of studying and covering emerging marketing and PR strategies and tactics, something magical happened:  credibility was gained, a reputation was earned and an online marketing community began to emerge.  A simple blog evolved into a platform on which to build a business – an agency that embodies the very passion, principles and value we deliver for clients.

A Business Blooms from the Roots of a Blog

In 2016, Strong formed Sword and the Script Media, LLC, a veteran-owned public relations agency, based in Atlanta, GA, and immersed in the business-to-business (B2B) marketplace.  We focus on building consistent, sustainable and process-driven programs for PR, content marketing and social media.  A defining difference comes down to our approach – that marketing ought to have utility.  This is because marketing that helps, sells better than marketing that hypes.

While many PR agency websites place the services offered front and center on websites – visitors have to dig to find thought leadership and content.  Here we very clearly practice the very services we sell.

We believe insight into our ideas and thinking are pivotal to illustrate how we are different.  We prefer to show you, rather than tell you.  After all, if businesses want people to talk to them, then businesses have to talk to people.

Area of Focus and Industry Expertise

Our agency focuses primarily in the B2B marketplace and has a core competency in technology. Usually, this is defined by a business that develops and commercializes a complex product with a long sales cycle.

While we are ideal for mid-market companies, especially B2B software, we also add value to global multinationals. For example, two of our recent clients hail from business divisions from companies rank in the top 50 of the Fortune 500.

The industries we serve include:

  • B2B technology: Martech, Adtech, Fintech, CRM, Cybersecurity
  • Enterprise software including cloud and SaaS
  • Law firms, legal and legal tech
  • Insurance (B2B/tech), big data, data mining
  • Startups & venture capital firms (We speak finance! IRR or NPV?)
  • Manufacturing & ERP
  • Telecom & networking
  • Pharma (benefits manager: B2B & B2G)
  • Military and Government

Contact us today to find out how we can drive results for your organization.

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