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Habit stacking: 8 public relations podcasts to add to your playlist [guest post]

In this guest post, Kathy Casciani writes public relations podcasts provide a sound way to work on your professional development while habit stacking – listening while doing routine tasks, such as chores

In case you hadn’t noticed, podcasts are having a moment. According to Edison Research, 42% of Americans 12+ said they’d listened to a podcast in the past month and 31% claimed to have listened to one in the past week.

Additionally, a study from Pew Research Center found that 55% of podcast listeners cited that the reason they turn to podcasts was to learn something new.

I’m certainly one of the 55%. Podcasts have become my professional development medium of choice, especially because I can listen to podcasts while taking a walk or making dinner. It’s a great way of “habit stacking” and making sure I am able to keep up with industry trends and best practices.

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I’ve discovered quite a few good ones along the way, so here are eight worthy public relations podcasts that I recommend you check out the next time you have a half hour to spare:

1. Pitchin’ and Sippin’ by Lexie Smith

Lexie Smith covers PR trends and tips (over “sips”) and also features interviews with journalists and other PR pros, mostly in the consumer lifestyle space. This new mom also provides helpful tips and perspectives on how she runs her business.

2. Reputation Revolution by Trevor Young

I only recently discovered Trevor Young, but he talks about a topic that is close to my heart: thought leadership and “reputation marketing.” He has some amazing guests and it’s a good one for those looking to better understand thought leadership/expert-led PR and the power of personal branding.

3. Pitching Powerhouse by Jennifer Berson

Jennifer Berson covers a lot of PR how-to’s from media relations tips to business-building strategies to how to build your own PR agency. Also good for career PR pros looking to uplevel their knowledge.

4. Become a Media Maven by Christina Nicholson

I love Christina Nicholson’s unvarnished hot takes about what does and doesn’t fly in the world of PR. Christina is a former TV reporter who covers everything from pitching techniques to content creation, and she’s all about teaching growing businesses how to succeed in PR.

5. Small Business PR by Gloria Chou

Like Christina, Gloria Chou aims to teach fundamental PR and media relations skills to founders and small businesses. She often interviews small business owners who have found PR success, so you can learn from what they did.

6. Spin Sucks by Gini Dietrich

Gini Dietrich is a super smart, well-known thought leader and community builder in the PR world, and also the creator of the PESO model. She covers broader industry trends, provides helpful advice on how to navigate industry changes and digs into how PR converges with other marketing disciplines.

7. That Solo Life by Karen Swim and Michelle Kane

Karen Swim (President of the awesome Solo PR Pros group) and Michelle Kane provide industry insights and advice (and therapy!) that is geared towards the needs of solo practitioners, contractors and agency owners with small teams.

8. Hanson & Hunt by Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt

Longtime podcast hosts and comms pros Arik Hanson and Kevin Hunt provide smart perspectives on PR and social media topics and trends, often analyzing industry surveys or dissecting brand campaigns. Good for the comms pro looking to dig into various topics and trends in one episode.

You can find all of these wherever you listen to podcasts – happy habit stacking!

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Kathy Casciani is the principal of Azul PR + Communications. I first read her list in a post she made on LinkedIn – and reached out to her for permission to run it as a guest post.

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