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Under-Recognized Value of PR is Keeping a Business out of a Bad Spot

Taking in a wide view of the landscape is one of the under-recognized benefits of PR

Among martial arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is among the most cerebral. It’s as much an exercise in problem-solving as it is an exhibition of physical ability. They say it takes a decade or more to master the art, which speaks to the mental complexity.

When students (me included) learn a new move and set out to implement it in live grappling, they sometimes get tunnel vision. They get so focused on executing that move that they lose awareness of where they are and what their opponent is doing. They often get caught in a bad spot and end up submitting.

I’ve found businesses sometimes get caught up in something akin to this on an organizational level. For example, they get so focused on bringing a new product to market – and so engaged in internal meeting, after internal meeting – that they lose track of where they are and what the competition is doing. They too can wind up in a bad spot.

This one of the under-recognized benefits of having a public relations (PR) function included in the organization’s strategy and execution checkpoints. PR, by virtue of its job, has a wider aperture examining the business landscape. Weaving it into the process of building and promoting new products can help keep a business out of a bad spot.

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Image credit: DALLE-2, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu playing chess in the style of Van Gogh

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