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The top 10 most-read blog posts on Sword and the Script in 2023

The content readers viewed the most were largely about the topics of generative AI in PR and marketing – with a touch of Twitter and a sprinkle of marketing budgets

In 2008 I came home from a long deployment to find the PR and marketing world had changed. Blogs were raging. Social media was blossoming. And the media landscape was evolving.

That next spring I started this blog, largely as a means of professional development. I could read about what was happening, test it out on my blog, and apply what I had learned to my daily job.

In 2016, I decided to hang out a shingle and start my own business. I had a choice: create a new website, or, since I had built a bit of an audience, I could add a services page and turn the blog into a business.

That’s of course what I did. It’s worked out splendidly because it perfectly characterizes the approach to B2B marketing and PR I profess to clients. It’s also a clear way to demonstrate my work ethic and affinity for continuous learning.

In 2023, the 14th year of publishing, I published 50 blog posts. Here are the top 10 most-read posts from the last 12 months.

10.  5 point memo to PR about Twitter from a survey of 2,000 journalists (to get the best results from PR, you must put effort into Twitter)

A survey by Muck Rack found 78% of journalists say Twitter is the most valuable network; 7 in 10 journalists still use Twitter to find sources.

9. Journalism statistics: 7 media relations takeaways from the 2023 State of the Media Report by Cision

A survey of 3,000+ finds 75% of journalists say the top action any PR person can take is to understand a reporter’s target audience and what they find relevant; journalism statistics show reporters worry about accuracy, credibility and keeping pace amid more work and fewer resources.

8. 3 benchmarks for your B2B marketing budget as a percentage of revenue

Several credible studies conducted in 2023 put the average benchmark for B2B marketing budgets at about 10% of revenue.

7. AI Use Cases in PR Software: Executives from Solutions Providers Describe How AI is being Used

ChatGPT is getting much of the headlines recently, but PR might be surprised to learn it has been using it – and other subsets of AI – for a while now.

6. Dealmaking Sizzles Again Among PR Software Providers and Here Comes Another Side Dish of Generative AI for Comms [PR Tech Sum No. 41]

Private “special acquisition vehicle” makes $500m+ bid for Meltwater; Truescope acquires Universal Information Service and Cision acquires Factama to “track narratives online.”

5. This AI is ‘Taylor’ Made for Media Relations; PRophet Adds Generative AI to PR Software

Former PR agency leader is a building software product focused on improving PR pitches with two different types of artificial intelligence.

4. An “Interview” with ChatGPT: What is Public Relations? How has PR Changed? Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Comms Pros

We interviewed ChatGPT about public relations and while it does well with high-level questions, it becomes repetitive when those questions were more nuanced; the system says it is “unlikely” that it “or any other AI system will fully replace public relations (PR) professionals.”

3. Meltwater acquired as private equity tightens grip on PR software market [PR tech sum no. 47]

The largest PR and comms tech companies, along with many startups, are now controlled by PE firms; is this good for the PR community?

2. A Fairly Comprehensive List of PR and Comms Technology Vendors for 2023 [PR Tech Sum No. 40]

If you are striving to build your short list of PR and communications technology vendors, this long but neatly organized list of companies and resources might prove helpful.

1. Will AI replace PR people in the next 10 years? Answers from 13 PR software executives

Most PR software executives indicate artificial intelligence (AI) will enhance PR pros work and can’t replace imagination and human touch; yet some point out tech innovation invariably does eliminate some jobs.

* * *

Thank you for visiting my blog this year and reading. I wish you a safe, healthy and prosperous year in 2024.

Need an extra pair of hands in 2024?

If you need help with B2B marketing and PR, and want outside help that gets things done, contact me at frank-at-swordandthescript-dot-com to start a conversation. Here are some useful links: about | services.

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