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The New Normal: Why PR is More Valuable than Ever [Earned Media Summit]

Agility PR Solutions and the venerable Bulldog Reporter invited us back to present at their Earned Media Mastery Summit this year.

They even put our mugshots on a fancy social media graphic and despite my serious demeanor, I’m almost smiling!

During our session, Ned Lundquist, ABC, IABC Fellow, the editor and publisher of Ned’s Job of the Week (JOTW), and I will walk through “The New Normal: Why PR is More Valuable than Ever” based on data from our fourth annual JOTW Strategic Communications Survey for 2021.

The online event is being held on August 26-28. The event is free for the first three days, and after that, All-Access Pass for $97.

There are a ton of other speakers with interesting sessions too, including how to:

  • Craft a newsworthy story
  • Create a winning pitch
  • Become a trusted resource
  • Master the tools of the trade

I hope to see you there!

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