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Legal Tech News: Content Marketing Tips for Bona Fide Success

Legal technology (legal tech) is a vertical market in which I specialize from a marketing and PR perspective. If you’re not in legal, it might sound dull – I used to think so too – but today I can assure you it’s a fascinating space.

Litigation tools aside, legal tech typically addresses the business of law, rather than the practice of law. It addresses a unique confluence of big ideas around technology, data, finance, economics, leadership, cybersecurity and change management.

The space is also attracting a lot of investment. Depending on whose numbers you believe there’s between $100 billion and $300 billion that trade hands annually in the U.S. market alone. The field of law is slow to change, and while that’s partly by design because law is supposed to be methodical and immune to political whims, investors see opportunity for greater efficiency.

As such, there’s venture funding going to startups, tons of M&A by the larger players, which are typically part of holding companies, and currently a very frothy market for private equity activity.

There’s a whole lot of really smart people in the space too – especially the product managers and executives with a true vision. This makes sense because lawyers are highly intellectual, trained to be reliant on the logic of precedent, and skeptical too. If you’re going to sell software to lawyers, you got to have your wits about you.

Legaltech News is, in my opinion, one of the premier trade publications in the space. I’ve pitched them many times over the years for clients or past employers, but I’ve never had my own byline published. Because I’m interested in it, I study the market almost daily and I’ve worked with many solution providers in legal tech – enough to make some important observations about content marketing.

So, I drafted them up and Legaltech News saw it fit to print:

6 Pragmatic Content Marketing Tips for Bona Fide Success in Legal Tech

The key point?

Marketing content and content marketing are two different things; understanding the lexicon is an advantage in an industry where nuance matters.

And the six tips? There’s a lot of detail in the article – but to tease them out in an effort to convince you to read the whole piece:

  1. Document your content strategy
  2. Treat content marketing as a dedicated channel
  3. Publishing consistently matters more than frequently
  4. Implement a subscription mechanism
  5. Strike a balance on product promotion; and
  6. Place equal emphasis on distribution.

The content is gated, however, the publisher, ALM, has a unique strategy for social media. If you click a link that’s shared on social by the publication’s handle, you’ll be able to read the entire article for a short period – I think it’s 30 days or so.

I’ve embedded such a tweet below to make it easy. If you do read it, please do let me know what you think.

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