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Just Launched: A New Podcast about Military Veterans in Business

Is now a good time to launch a podcast?

I’ve seen commentary that says it’s a great time because everyone is stuck at home and consuming more media. There’s also contrarian advice that says this is a terrible time to launch a podcast because everyone will be doing it.

Here’s what I know: if you can get a program off the ground and it’s sustainable then anytime is a good time. It’s even better if the topic is something you are passionate about.

And so, today, I’m announcing the all-new Boots about Business podcast. It’s not a marketing or PR podcast. The world knows we don’t need another one of those. Instead, this is about military veterans and their transition to the world of business.

I’ll be interviewing business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs that all started their careers wearing boots in service of the US armed forces. This podcast will be equal parts about sharing great stories, helping veterans, helping businesses, and ultimately helping them both understand each other.

The very first episode has been posted and it features an incredibly dynamic business leader named Tom Deierlein.


Tom is a West Point graduate that served in the Berlin Brigade and later went into sales and marketing in the business world. He even worked for a marketing business that was eventually acquired by WPP. More than a decade later he was recalled to active duty and deployed to Iraq. He sustained a life-changing injury after being shot by a sniper.

He tells that story and how he’s navigated in and around business to his current position as the CEO of Thundercat Technology in the inaugural episode of the podcast: Persistence and Grit: Tom Deierlein CEO of Thundercat Technology

I hope you’ll listen to the show – and please click to share:

Persistence and Grit: @tomdeierlein CEO of @ThunderCat_Tech and Purple Heart awardee tell us his amazing story http://www.bootsaboutbusiness.com/1 #veterans in #businessClick To Tweet


The show is available on all the major podcast platforms – except for Google at the moment – so I’m hoping the search engine will crawl this link and add it soon.

I’ll (likely) be publishing new shows on the first and third Wednesday of every month moving forward.

Lastly, if you know a veteran in business who is willing to share their story, please use the contact form on the show’s website. Those messages all come directly to me and I’ll respond accordingly.

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