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3 Reasons to take the 2020 JOTW Comms Survey

Dear PR and Comms 3 Reasons to take the 2020 JOTW Communications Survey

What do you think the top challenges facing communications and PR professionals today? What tactics would do you think are more important this year? How do you measure PR results?

These are just a few of the questions on the 2020 JOTW Communications Survey questionnaire. Your input is needed and there are only a few days left!

The survey will take just a few minutes to complete. You can find the survey by accessing the following URL: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VCHL2SL

Background on the JOTW

Ned Lundquist has published an email newsletter called Ned’s Job-of-the-Week (JOTW) for about 20 years. Each week he lists upwards of 60 jobs from across the communications profession – public relations, public affairs, marketing communications and more.

It’s free to post jobs if you are looking for talent and are hiring. It’s also free for job seekers looking for their next gig. I’ve subscribed for many years and often recommend subscribing to people looking for a job or seeking talent.

Three years ago, we teamed up to begin fielding this survey. It’s grown substantially over the last two years because we’d like to think this survey asks important questions worth examining.

The 2019 report was viewed nearly 20,000 times, or about a 2x increase from the 2018 edition. I’ve also written a ton for the blog on the topic and you can find all of those posts neatly organized under the tag JOTW.

This year – with input from savvy communicators like you – the results will be even better.


3 Reasons to take the Survey

Taking Below are three reasons to take the survey.

1. Benchmarks your comms efforts.

One important way to understand how well you are performing is to understand how well you are performing relative to peers.

  • Is media relations getting harder – or is it just harder for you?
  • Is the political climate making it harder to do your job?
  • Are exclusive and embargoes still worthwhile?

These are some of the questions we’ve asked this year and the survey results will give you great benchmarks. If you opt-in, we’ll send you a copy when the results are ready.

2. Drive discussion in the comms industry.

Should brands take a political stand? The very mention drives discussion about ethics, morals, constraints and limitations. This year we are poising this question directly to communicators.

You’ll get answers to this, but also, we hope, to drive discussion (about this and other top comms issues) about how to best navigate these strange times.

3. Yes, you could actually win something!

We offer a random drawing as a token of appreciation in exchange for your time. In years past, when I’ve reached out to notify winners, I usually get responses like this:

“Awesome! I never win anything!”

There are three prizes that you can spend anywhere on Amazon.com you’d like (deadpans). Those prizes are as follows:

  • One $100 gift card;
  • One $50 gift card;
  • One $25 gift card.

The chances of winning depend on how many complete the survey (see T&Cs – link in the survey). Some of the winners in year’s past have told me they donated their gift card to charity.

* * *

If you haven’t taken the survey yet, please do. If you have taken the survey – thank you and please consider passing it along to a peer that works in the industry.

Here’s that link again: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VCHL2SL

Reports from the JOTW Communications Survey in 2019 and 2018



Blog posts stemming from the JOTW Communications Survey

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