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ROI: Is Marketing Getting Harder or Easier?

Is Marketing Getting Harder or Easier

It’s never been easier to get a message out than it is today.  Marketing is surely getting easier.

Yet prospects also require more touch points – twice or triple the work – along the buyer’s journey. Marketing is seemingly getting harder.

There’s marketing.  And then there’s Marketing ROI.

Those three little-capitalized letters change the course of a marketing conversation.  Markets are conversations, as the Cluetrain suggested, at least until the conversation turns to ROI.

To some, it’s a creativity killer.  To other’s it’s merely sound financial stewardship.  Either way, 50% of the marketing job description… is justifying why there is one.

Marketing has never had more refined targeting ability than it does today.  It’s never had more data.  Tools have never been easier to buy and use.  It’s never had a greater analytical capacity.  Marketing surely knows more about its customers and prospects than at any point in history.

And yet ROI remains problematic.

Visibility is a commodity.  Influence trumps popularity.  Sales preferred to traffic.

Is it short-termism?  Wall Street marketing?  Is marketing held to a higher standard?

Is marketing getting harder or easier?  What say you?

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