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A Pediatric Prescription for Effective Content Marketing

A Pediatrician has the Prescription for Effective Content Marketing

In just three days, one pediatrician has earned 3.6 million views on YouTube for this video.  It’s led to news coverage, like this piece by a local FOX affiliate in Boston.  A quick Google search (233,000 results) shows he’s had dozens of placements, if not thousands.

By all appearances on his channel, it’s the first time he’s ever published a video to YouTube, though this one does look fairly professional in finish.  The website for his business – Pacific Ocean Pediatrics – is elementary.  His Facebook page has just 400 or so fans at this moment.

So how did a medical doctor with 26 years in practice suddenly become an internet sensation?  He answered a new parent’s most pressing question:  How to calm a crying baby.  His technique entails a unique hold and a “shake of his little booty.”

Here’s the 2-minute video:

Why was Dr. Bob’s Video so Effective?

Dr. Robert Hamilton’s (Dr. Bob as he calls himself) ingredients are fairly simple:

  • He answered a pressing customer question;
  • The video is helpful to a massive audience of new parents;
  • His technique is as unique as it is gentle and authentic;
  • He’s is a pediatrician – an expert on infant healthcare.

There’s no doubt he had no expectation that this video would be so wildly successful.  He was merely trying to help.  And now he’s likely to have earned the trust of every parent in driving distance and beyond.

If you lived in Santa Monica and had a newborn – would you inquire about an appointment with Dr. Bob?  Yes, you would, and I would too.

Take the Full Content Marketing Prescription

Just like the instruction label on any bottle of antibiotics reads – you’ve got to take the entire dosage every day until the prescription is gone.  If you don’t, you’re likely to wind up sick again –and perhaps worse off than before.

The same is true for content marketing. Consistency is the single most valuable attribute of effective content marketing – and the prescription lasts for the life of a business.

Most businesses won’t have the success of 3.6 million YouTube views.  It’s not realistic to aim for it, but any business owner, a doctor, lawyer, or plumber can aim for 500 views, or a 1,000, but creating such videos on a regular basis.

Ryan Hanley did this for an insurance company – on YouTube!  Marcus Sheridan did it for a pool company.  All of these examples tend to come from small companies, because small business has one thing large business never has:  the patience to build something big from the ground up.

* * *

Three days after Dr. Bob published this video, he posted this message YouTube:

“Thank you to all those who have logged on to see how I comfort crying babies. My hope is this will bring some peace to your lives and to our world!! Dr. Bob”

The authentic meaning behind that message is a critical marketing effectively with content.

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