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Infographic: Social Media Short Hand for the un-Social CMO

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So much for the Social CMO. A recent study by IBM indicates just one-fifth of CMOs incorporate social media in digital marketing.

This suggests to me that social media is either completely useless, or it still presents and enormous and latent opportunity. My money is on the latter.

Perhaps seizing on an opportunity, Adobe which also runs CMO.com, published an infographic, we first spotted on Visual.ly titled: The CMO’s Guide to 2014 Social Media Landscape.

The infographic examines eight social media sites – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, SlideShare and Instagram – against four categories of CMO interest:

  • SEO
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer communication
  • Traffic generation

It’s interesting to me that the sales function wasn’t in the matrix and that under the SEO framework, Google is explicitly mentioned for every social network except SlideShare and Instagram. SlideShare, in my viewpoint, which is owned by LinkedIn, is one of the most underrated social networks – especially for in terms of visibility, format and search value.

Here’s the complete infographic:

Social Media Short Hand for CMOs

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