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Infographic:  B2B Marketing Budgets Focus on Content, Digital

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More than half of B2B marketers are experiencing moderately larger budgets this year over a last, according to an infographic published by Advertising Age at the beginning of the year.

The publication conducts and annual survey of brands and budgets. As we head down the home stretch of April, the forecast revisions have started based on the first quarter’s performance. It would be interesting to know how they stack up – especially since marketing is usually the first department to get the ax in a downturn, but is often an early indication on the other side.

Here are some statistics from the survey that stood out for me:

  • B2B Marketing Budgets up overall. 52.5% of marketers anticipate larger budgets than last year; that’s up about 4% over last year’s survey.
  • Some budgets are even bigger.  36.4% said marketing budgets will increase by 10% or more; 3.8% noted an increase of 30% or more.
  • Social media top investment. Social media will be the largest area of increase marketing up 12%; mobile follows with a gain of 9%.
  • Content marketing across the board.  75% of those polled said they expect content marketing spending to rise.
  • Online tactics favored.  Four-fifths of respondents plan to spend more digital marketing dollars; of the tactics listed webinar spending will rise the most with a 9.4% increase; online video is next with 7.9% followed by mobile, especially mobile advertising with 7.3%

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Here’s the complete B2B marketing budgets infographic (click to enlarge):

b2b marketing budget infographic

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