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Infographic: LinkedIn’s study on Job Satisfaction

by Frank Strong

job satisfaction
There’s an old saying that people don’t leave a job, they leave a boss.

A LinkedIn infographic, I first spotted on Entrepreneur.com, seems to say the opposite. “Relationship with managers” is ranked as the one of the “least important factors that will get professionals to accept a new job.” The data is almost completely at odds with my own personal views, though it may also be the difference between accepting a new role — and staying in an existing job, which while related, would change the context of a survey question.

 The infographic cites three of the least important factors as:

  1. Job title
  2. Office location
  3. Relationship with managers

What are the most important?

  1. Better compensation and benefits
  2. Good work/life balance
  3. Opportunities for advancement

The charts do show some differences between “millennials” and “seasoned professionals” who are over 40.  While I fit somewhere north of millennial — and clinging to territory south of the over 40 crowd, the data suggests that “interest in opportunities for advancement and job titles declines with age.”

Generally speaking, around the globe, (or at least globally on LinkedIn):

  • 27% of people are “very satisfied” with their jobs
  • 45% are “somewhat satisfied”
  • 14% do not have an opinion
  • 10% are “somewhat dissatisfied”
  • 4% are “very dissatisfied”

What’s missing that I’d be especially interested in, is the break down of data by job function.  Are PR professionals more or less inclined to be satisfied with their jobs? What about marketing professionals overall?

Here’s the complete infographic:

job satisfaction infographic

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