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We are Number #1 is a Weak Content Marketing Strategy


Every organization sets its sights on being the best – but even in the cases where it’s actually true, this is a poor content marketing strategy.

Nobody likes a chest-thumping.  In our own interpersonal communications, we go to lengths to avoid people who talk only about themselves. In the marketing context, it’s similar in that people avoid companies or organizations that only talk about themselves; there’s no value in it for customers and prospects.

Who wants to read or share a blog post on any social network by ACME Company that proclaims ACME Company is the #1 brand in widget making?  Nobody does.

Helpful is a better Content Marketing Strategy

Contrast the corporate blog that hypes a marketing message with one that offers useful or interesting content. The company that offers helpful content is likely to gain repeat visitors, build trust and when the time for considering options to purchase, stands a better chance of making the short-list.

Content marketing is like window dressing for the web: we barter useful content in exchange for a few moments of attention and the chance to gain repeat visitors who engage our content for longer periods of time.  Marcus Sheridan once summed up the concept effectively when he said:

“My mama always said, if you hang around the barber shop long enough, you’re going to get your hair cut.”

Content marketing isn’t difficult, but by my observation, what brands struggle with the most is getting the collective minds wrap around the notion of utility over hype.

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