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The First Tweets from 26 PR Influencers

The First Tweets from 26 PR Influencers

What is said on Twitter, stays on Twitter, and if Topsy has anything to do with it, that might be forever. The social media tool recently announced it will allow us to search tweets as far back as 2006.

Brian Patterson, an SEO, had the ingenious idea of searching it for the first tweets by SEO influencers. And after having some fun by retweeting the first posts by Andy Beal, Barry Schwartz and Copyblogger, I thought I’d copy that idea for PR influencers.

These influencers come from this Twitter list which I curate for the purposes of producing this PR Thought Leaders Daily on Paper.li.  While I have created this Paper.li for me, it is an amazingly good summary of what’s was chattable among the PR elite on Twitter each day. The power is in taking good care of the Twitter lists.

This list is a completely subjective list that I have arbitrarily selected. None of the names here should be a surprise, but if you feel left out, please don’t. The names are listed merely in the order in which I did the searches; there is no order of merit here. If you don’t like the list, feel free to make your own.

One other caveat:  the Topsy search I found, is not perfect.  There are a couple tweets it displayed as the “first tweet” that I suspect are not. There are some, such as my own first Twitter post, which do not appear to be searchable.  Even so, it’s fun to see what some of these folks had to say on Twitter, 4, 5, 6, and even 7 years ago.

1. Chris Lewis


2. Richard Edelman

3. Greg Jarboe

4. Gini Dietrich

5. Bill Stoller

6. Crosby Naricks

7. Rochelle Veturis Coles

8. Rachel Kay

9. David Meerman Scott

10. Sarah Evans

11. Arik Hanson

12. Deirdre Breakenridge

13. Dave Fleet

14. Joel Postman

15. Kevin Dugan

16. Rohit Bhargava

17. Peter Shankman

18. Shel Holtz

19. Phil Gomes

20. Dave Armano

21. Steve Rubel

22. Todd Defren

23. Drew Benvie

24. Ike Piggott

25. Jeremy Pepper

26. Brian Solis


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6 Responses

    1. lauraclick It was fun!  Topsy works like any search engine.  So if you perform a search, you’ll then see an “advanced” tab. I think you have to mouse over it to see it.  Or, in the screenshot above, notice the word    from:   – that should give you the user.  However, my old tweets don’t seem to be in there, so it doesn’t work for everyone!

  1. I forgot how literally people answered the question “what are you doing” that was ghostscripted into the compose tweet box. Also interesting to see what people I interacted with 5 yrs ago that I still read regularly..

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