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In Social Media Marketing, You Get what You Give

In Social Media Marketing You Get what You Give

I usually find people that say social media isn’t working put very little effort into it.  There’s plenty of survey data that shows businesses get frustrated with the results and quit easily.

We don’t have any expectation of closing deals at a physical networking event.  We recognize that networking in the real world requires relationship building that occurs over time.  Why then, is social media held to a higher standard?

I read somewhere recently a workplace story about employees and flexible hours.  Though I cannot find the link, there was a quote that went something like this:

Flexible work hours is like banking, you’ve got to make some deposits before you have an expectation of withdrawing on credit. In other words, demonstrate your commitment to the organization before making requests for additional benefits.

This struck as applicable in so many other areas from business relationships to social media.

Social media isn’t a panacea; it can be effective, but it takes a dedication and time.  You get out of social media marketing what you put into it.

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6 Responses

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  2. So right, you have to give a lot to get a little and then give a lot more. Personally, I don’t think companies (small/midsize) have the manpower or willpower to support the amount of energy required to truly manage multiple sites or  a strategic approach.
    I have interviewed with several companies and they just don’t understand the value for the efforts. Their first question is what can I deliver in terms of media access, not media relations. Many still working on advertising ROI and can’t make the equation that  PR/SM  not measured like advertising. 

    1.  @annelizhannan I think a small company can bit off one social site and work it over time.   As they say in the investment world, “focus to build wealth; diversity to defend.”  Thanks for the comment Anneliz.

    2. geoffliving

       @annelizhannan I agree, I think it’s like a fly wheel, too.  If you want big wins, you have to push momentum.  All the time! Things move over months and years, not days!

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