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Social Media is NOT that Important

Social Media is NOT that Important

Social media never sleeps; therefore PR is a lifestyle, not a profession.  This pushes responsiveness to the top of the priority list.

In my heart of hearts, I believe this is true, but I’ve also come to believe that social media is entering a period of normalization.  Where expectations were exceedingly high — beyond possible — these are now starting to normalize.

And normalization is sorely needed.

The compulsion to respond immediately with top-of-mind thoughts is slowly ceding to responding in a timely fashion, but with greater consideration.  Social media can wait.

Last week, I had just left traffic court, because, unfortunately, I have a heavy foot, which is one of my many faults.  I was stopped at a red light that is malfunctioning and traffic was backed up in a serious way.

I’m also late for a meeting so was literally calling my boss (on a hands-free device of course) to tell him I wouldn’t make it.

Simultaneously, several prominent social media elites were having a Twitter conversation going that mentioned me and so my iPhone was flashing alerts imploring me to pay attention to Twitter.

Meanwhile, some crazy old guy, impatient with the light, bumps my fender trying to squeeze by in a space not nearly wide enough to fit his vehicle (remember: I was stopped at a light) and then proceeds to drive off — leaving the scene of an accident.

It all happened at once and what did I feel?  I felt like I needed to respond to Twitter first.  Talk about misaligned priorities!

I’ve been in far more dire situations to recognize the value of what’s important.  Yet, I feel so passionately about my work, that I  can hardly bear the thought of an email, a tweet, or a comment that calls for a response.

I know this is ridiculous. It can wait.  I know I’m not the only person that feels this way.  I know I’m not unique.

Try putting your mobile phone in your trunk while you drive to work one morning as an experiment.  Watch the traffic around you and just how many people are focused on their phones at 65 MPH.  It is endemic and it’s absurdly dangerous.

People are literally dying over tweets.  People are literally putting their lives at risk to answer emails.

Social media is NOT that important.  Social media can wait.

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