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Web round up: principles, community, PR tips and small biz

by Frank Strong

It’s been about six weeks since my last round up of posts from other sites on the web; so here’s to a handful you might have missed with some outbound links to other good reads.

1.  It’s about principles. Ragan.com picked up this post 7 principles of successful PR pros earlier this month, which was originally posted on this blog under the title 7 essential principles to succeed in PR  — though the title difference is subtle.  I’m always flattered when one of Ragan.com’s finest thinks a post I’ve written merits a run in a trade publication that is a staple of our industry — and I find it the polish of those edits both humbling and educational.

In a private conversation with an editor, I shared that this post was really a secret rant — a way for me to organize my thoughts in reaction to an industry problem that a day or two later was rendered in the form of an original post in the same publication: Lying to journalists is not a genius PR stunt.  If you want to know more, read this post, or this one, or this one, or this one  (which has great data, that I went and double checked).  And here’s one journalist’s reaction.

In addition, the 7 principles posts will afford me the opportunity to make point to PR professionals about the impact of duplicate content as it relates to SEO, which I’ll present as part of a brand new presentation during the PRSA International Conference in San Francisco in October.  By the way, SEO is not “just keywords” as one PR professional recently said to me at a networking event.

2.  It’s about the community.  I’ve only managed to get three new posts up on Business 2 Community, but they are all original content — no blog RSS feed from here.  For these posts, I tend to take a look at published research and apply it to my work, indeed our work.  The first post asks if social media has crossed Moore’s chasm and examines three surveys about small business and their use of social media.

In a post about negative comments, there’s a reference to both data and an outstanding presentation by the @Unmarketing man, Scott Stratten.  He makes the point that when customers complain, it’s an opportunity to strengthen the relationship.

Scott’s got an awesome new book out and I’m pretty stoked he’s going to present a webinar for Vocus entitled:  UnPitching:  How “Not to “Suck” at pitching the media.  He’s promised an “epic rant” which worries me a bit,  but I’m rolling with not sucking, so let’s see what happens.  I hear T.O. is bringing popcorn.

In the final of three posts on B2C, I tackle the traditional media — it still matters for PR pros.  What’s struck me is that at networking events recently, I’ve spoken to a significant number of my PR peers, who have essentially jettisoned media relations for content marketing.  I believe this is a big mistake; we’ve got to do both.  That’s just the way it is.

3.   Tried and true PR tips.  Over on the Vocus blog, there’s been a consistent theme for traditional PR pros — the art of patience with pitches, what I call tactical patience, calling out an under-recognized benefit in considering the value of PR, and offer 7 timeless books that PR pros should devour.  There’s usually a hit of new media as well, such as how press releases have evolved from wire to web and why a blog is a little bit like a store.  Lastly, over on the iContact blog, the email marketing software company Vocus picked up earlier this year, I’ve offered a brief introduction to Vocus for the iContact customers.

4.  Pragmatic small business marketing tips. On BloggingPRWeb, to which I have a special affinity, there’s quite a bit of advice for small businesses, such as tips for fostering word-of-mouth marketing online, four tips for overcoming an online PR crisis, and this post, which really got some traction:  15 must read small business marketing blogs.

Like something you see hear, let me know or ask me for a guest post!  Disagree with a perspective?  Call me out!  Finally, if you are interested in guest posting here on this blog, I’m open to it, and I’ve been getting quite a few (off topic) pitches lately, so please read this first.

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