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7 Creative Pitches Brands Made for Mother’s Day

We’ve got a few more days to get something for Mom – or grandma, or baby’s mama, or a sister with kids (mine has six!).  This year I was planning ahead – a marketing email from the same local flower shop where I order something for my mother each year hit me up early.

There was only one downside:  they don’t deliver on Sunday (the 13th) which is the actual celebration of Mother’s Day.  Ditto for the big shops – I ordered another gift from 1-800-FLOWERS and they don’t deliver on Mother’s Day either!

At any rate, I took to Google to search for some creative PR and marketing ideas around Mother’s Day.  What are some things businesses are doing?  Here’s a look at seven I liked:


1.  Help the kids pick gifts. 

When I was about 4 or 5, I gave my Dad a nickel and a dime in an old candy case for Christmas.  Back then fifteen cents was a big deal to me but I can still remember my parents laughing hysterically when he opened it.  Sort of hurt my feelings.

Of course, now I understand, but this anecdote underscores a business pain:  kids have a hard time picking out gifts for parents. Charlie Gaudet writes in a blog post on Predictable Profits, “Create an event for children to come inside your store and select items just for mom.

Perhaps offer a special discount to children, or offer a special low-priced selection just to kids.”  Great idea!  By the way, I found Charlie’s post by way of a PRWeb release (former employer) which you can see in the nearby screenshot (click the image to enlarge) was the top search result in my Google News search for ideas to write this post.

2.  Mom’s get in free. 

Flower’s are a staple.  You can’t lose with flowers, but it’s also, well, the same thing year in and year out.  Really want to show Mom appreciation?  Spend time with her.  That’s the pitch the Grand Rapid’s Children’s Museum and it’s given them some local buzz.

Unlike flower shops, it seems the Museum will actually be open for business on Mother’s Day.  Maybe that’s news too!

3.  Give Mom some luck.

Kindergartners in New Jersey were studying horses and recycling and got a dose of both plus a bonus for Mother’s Day this week.  Kindergarten teacher Alison Gieschen brought her horse (which has an amazing story of its own) to school for a show-and-tell style presentation this week and demonstrated how to change a horseshoe.

Since she’s also teaching recycling; the kids next decorated horseshoes as gifts for their mothers.  You got my vote for creative teacher of the year Alison!

4.   Presidential treatment.

The Hill, which covers the exclusive world inside the beltway, says the President is using Mother’s Day as a pitch to reach women voters.

Perhaps. I won’t comment on the politics, but as a PR guy, I say that’s pretty good idea and it makes me think – what are the presidents of companies doing for Mother’s Day?

There is a delicate balance between authenticity and a mere publicity stunt, but even so, within the right context, I think that could work.

5.  Clever crafts.

Kaboose, which as far as I can tell is a site run by Disney, offers creative arts and crafts ideas for Mother’s Day gifts in this blog post.  The ideas are geared for kids ages 4 and up; fingerprint flowers.  WRAL, a local broadcast station in the Raleigh-Durham area took note.

Guest blogger Genny Upton, wrote the post and linked to Kaboose’s site. I can’t tell if Genny did that on her own (which would mean Kaboose’s idea spread organically), or whether she’s on the payroll for Kaboose and wrote good content the station opted to run.

In either case, it’s a creative idea:  news outlets are clearly seeking timely content with relevant information for Mother’s Day.

6.  Skywritten message.

I found yet another PRWeb release pitching sky messages – a banner for Mom pulled behind an airplane.

I’ve seen marriage proposals, birthdays and congratulations messages done this way, and, well, heck if you’re looking for something different, maybe that’s it.

What I like about the pitch is a small business owner thinking creatively and trying to tie their offering into a current event. That’s the way to do it!

7. Deliver flowers on Mother’s Day! 

Finally, I set out to search for a flower shop that actually delivers flowers on Mother’s Day.

My Google search took me to Farmington, Michigan where not one, but two local shops, deliver.  Floral Expressions by Kathy and Farmington Center Florists both made this scoop by this Farmington Patch.com site.

I once heard news is defined as something that defies expectations. Nothing offers a buzz kill for Mother’s Day like getting flowers delivered on the Saturday prior.  My salute to you Farmington Florists!

What creative pitches have you seen for Mother’s Day?

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