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Essential skills for PR pros in 2011

It’s was a good question posed Quora: What are the essential social media skills communication, marketing and PR professionals need in 2011?
I believe there are three keys:

1) Compelling writing. It’s the foundation from which all else flows.

2) Customer service. Everyone in the organization wears this hat now and good customer service is good marketing.

3) SEO. It’s a likely answer, but I do not just mean keywords and backlinks, but a foundational understanding how the Web works.

Some additional answers you’ll find on this Quora post:

“Taking reputation building and protection online very seriously.” – Jon Clements

“I’d also throw in that it’s still important to be an avid reader/watcher of the news and staying on top of trends in the media. You can’t help create relevant stories if you aren’t paying attention to what’s going on.” – Carrie Peters

“I think the most essential skill is to have an understanding of how social media tools can be used to achieve communication/PR/marketing and overall business goals. Other skills should include an understanding of how to truly engage and attract target audiences to achieve those goals and how to measure results.” – Farida Harianawala

Good answers (that I didn’t edit) to a worthy question. And a good reason to check Quora out.

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