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Most popular posts.  Some people love them and some people hate them.  I like them.  I’ve done my own as you can see:  Top 7 posts on Sword and the Script in 2010.

Why?  Here are three reasons:

a. Trends: I like to see what content resonated with other bloggers to identify trends.

b. Learning:  If a piece of content was popular, I’d like to understand why.

c. Reflection:  Posts about top posts are like time-lapse photography.  You can visualize events that unfolded over a long period in a very short time.

7 Popular Posts that aren’t My Posts

So here are 7 magic posts about most popular posts from bloggers I follow regularly:

1. The Future Buzz Most Popular Posts – 2010 Edition by @adamsinger  I liked #9 the best, even if bashing the word viral is going viral.

2.  12 most popular posts of 2010 by @arikhanson. I found his seven intriguing people in PR post to be well, intriguing and found @lenkendall.  He followed back and when I pointed this out, Arik responded…

3. Top Stories of 2010 Prove this Blog is a Total Bimbo by @chrisabraham While the titles do suggest the content is random, Chris’ top rated post proves why it is not.

4.  Top 10 Journalistics Posts of 2010 by @journalistics (Jeremy Porter) First, notice how Jeremy and Adam (above) have both used the names of their blogs in their titles.  This is an important lesson to remember.  Second, check out the topic of his top two posts.  They are there for good reason.

5.  The 10 Spin Sucks Posts You Liked Best by @ginidietrich  Her blog posts don’t suck.  And she’s a machine.  She also uses the title of her blog in this post and I like how her title also invited the reader by saying “you liked best.”  These are the most popular or most read, they are the ones the reader liked best. Nice touch, Gini.

6.  My Top Posts of 2010 on SEO, PR and Social Media for News and Sports by @adamsherk PR, SEO and social media are surefire search terms, but Adam also has a penchant for news and sports.  I’m glad to see that my New England Patriots top the charts on Facebook.

7.  Top Posts at Conversation Agent by @conversationage (Valeria Maltoni) Another well regarded blogger that uses the name of her blog in the headline.  Noticing a trend?  Valeria is also a prolific writer with pragmatic advice and her most popular post ever may show us why: Why Start a Blog and 25 Tips to Make it Work.

My most popular post ever (as of 2011)?

Seven Creative PR ideas and I can tell you the traffic to this blog post is driven 1) initially by a single tweet by Bill Stoller (@publicityguru) which was retweeted like nothing I’ve ever seen and 2) by search.

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Photo credit: Pixabay (CC0 1.0)

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6 Responses

  1. Krista

    Thanks, Frank– I have some more bookmarking to do and some new smart folks to follow on Twitter thanks to your list! I tend to gravitate toward top post lists because they also encapsulate some of the more interesting posts from over a period of time. Sometimes I can re-read something I forgot about or have my attention drawn to something I may have missed. Either way, they're helpful resources. Hope your New Year is off to a great start :)

  2. Frank Strong, MA, MBA

    Ah, Krista, you are so good. Seriously, I hope the Eagle's win next weekend just because you are such a good ambassador. What are you using for bookmarking? I play around with a lot of them, but have really only put some serious time into Delicious and I'm thinking through contingency plans!

  3. Adam Sherk

    Thanks for including my post Frank. I like checking out the various "popular posts" posts out there too; it's a good way to come across some useful tips.

    In my own case it was interesting to see which posts actually got the most pageviews for the year. In several cases they weren't posts that got much attention in social media. So good ole natural search engine referrals are still a great source of traffic.

  4. Frank Strong, MA, MBA

    Thanks for dropping a comment, Adam. Read your blog often and it's nice to see your take on top post. Search definitely still matters. And RSS too!

    1.  @ginidietrich Yeah, Blogger seems to be missing a lot of little extras that WordPress has.  I’m very happy with the new platform.  Still working out a couple of little bugs, but it’s worth it.  

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