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What do you do with social media monitoring data?

In delightfully mulling over in painstaking details of social media monitoring over the last few months, I’ve tried to stay focused on one hard question: If PR is to monitor social media…what does it do with the data?

Occasionally it’s useful to answer a question with a question; in this case I’ll it with six more questions.

What should PR pros be concerned about in social media monitoring:

1. Who is talking about me/company/organization?

2. What are they saying; is it positive or negative; does it represent an opportunity or threat?

3. What impact will those conversations have on sales, leads, or reputation?

Once we begin to listen and understand the answers to these questions, we can begin to think hard about the strategy. Given the chance to connect, what is the message you want to be heard.

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  1. John Carraway

    I would be interested in learning how others are monitoring social media. What software/listening tools are being adopted? The next natural question is what to do with the data. But I think this is where having a good social media strategy comes into play.

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