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Smart Things I’ve Heard Lately (5.25.10)

When I hear smart things, I do my best to write them down, save them in e-mail folders or bookmark them on social bookmarking sites. When I’ve saved up a handful I think others might find interesting I post them here on this running series.

Here are four smart things I’ve heard lately:

1. “Customers are less willing to give up information,” wrote Christopher Koch on his marketing blog, a post that was also published on Social Media Today, in analyzing the implications of the Facebook privacy concerns for B2B marketers. Therefore companies should focus more on obtaining customer interaction, and worry less about getting their information. You can engage customers and influence their buying decision on social media, without asking for their mother’s maiden name. “The key is the interaction—not the information,” he wrote.

2. “PR in some companies has been downstream and a bit tactical,” said Weber Shandwick’s Chris Perry in this interview with PRNewser commenting on the changes in the digital media landscape. “Now we’re sitting in the center of strategic discussions.” Indeed, I couldn’t agree more, and the more thought I put into this idea – the more convinced I become of its certainty.

3. Amber Naslund captures the essence of the social media measurement challenge in this very clever post, The Albert Einstein Guide to Social Media when she wrote, “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.” Public relations professionals are not strangers to taking on challenges in PR measurement.

4. “Marketers are doing more sales, and salespeople are doing more marketing,” said Nan Dawkins noting the tighter integration between these two business functions as a result of social media. Nan is the CEO of Serengeti Communications, and spoke at the Tech Breakfast Club, a local quarterly networking event, for technology marketers, in Tyson’s Corner, Va.

Heard something smart lately? Please feel free to share in the comments section.

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