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Google Isn’t Sure What PR is…and Thinks Public Relations has Issues

Google isn’t sure what PR is – and thinks public relations has issues

This post here on what Google thinks of SEO and social media, and this post by PRNewser, which is about what Google thinks of PR, got me to thinking: What does Google think of PR?

Curious, I decided to Google it. Here’s what I found:

In terms of “PR” Google isn’t sure. Is it sports? Is it dead? Is it so 2009?

PR is...

On the other hand, in terms of “public relations” clearly Google thinks public relations has issues.

public relations is...

I didn’t want to stop there, so I took a look at Google Trends. Surprisingly, the term “PR” has been climbing in search terms, while public relations is on the out and out.

PR trend in google trends

Maybe that’s why Google thinks PR is confusing and public relations has issues.

Seriously, SEO is going to be one of the two biggest skills that PR people need to acquire in 2010.

I hope this post inspires professional PR curiosity.

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