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Four Must Read Resources for PR Pros

by Frank Strong

Four Must Read Resources for PR Pros

There’s no shortage of information for public relations professional on the Web, but time is always short. To that end, the key is to sift through what’s important. I like to read as much as possible and subscribe to a lot of resources for PR. In the course of doing so, there’s a handful of resources that are both free, and I’ve found, quite valuable.

Here they are in random order:

1. PR Daily: After scouring the web for the best industry stories, the staff at the PR trade publication Ragan’s kicks out a daily e-mail newsletter with links to the best stuff. This is a must read for any PR pro. The links and stories included daily are sometimes serious, sometimes outrageous, sometimes quite useful

2. PR Newser: Part of the Mediabistro pipeline, PR Newser wraps up the days events with pithy and often scandalous notes. It’s a good read for sure, and one thing worth pointing out, the editors are PR pros and therefore have an excellent sense of what’s relevant. 

3. O’Dwyers PR Blog: I’m always sure to check the drumbeat on O’Dwyers PR Blog two or three times a week because it has sharp analysis of current PR events. They call the shots like they see them, and though I don’t always agree with their conclusions (especially the political analysis) I certainly respect the time, effort and thought that goes into their posts. The one aspect about this blog I admire the most is that they will put a stake in the ground when everyone else is mum. It’s enough to keep you thinking. 

4. Alltop for PR: An online magazine rack of sorts — at least that’s what the founder calls it. Alltop.com pulls together the best blogs of a given topic: simply type your topic in the search bar and presto, instant content. If you search by the key word “PR” you’ll find good reads from dozens of other industry thought-leaders all on one page. Read Alltop for PR here.

Got some good resources for PR pros? Please share it in the comments section.

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