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U2, Bono and Cause-Related Marketing

U2 Bono and Cause-related PR

American’s aren’t known to be in tune with U.S. current events, let alone international current events. It’s too bad because we should.

Bono has long aimed to do something about that — and while I’ve seen news coverage of their cause-related and charitable work, seeing the band live in concert tonight at FedEx field gave it new meaning in my mind.

The singer has used his popularity and that of U2, to raise awareness on global issues including hunger, poverty and Aung San Suu Kyi, the political leader held captive on house arrest by the tyrannical regime that seized power in Burma.

A woman in the seat next to me, who I’d guess was in her 40’s and clearly intoxicated, took exception. To the dismay of those around her, she was quite vocal in protesting her dislike for Bono’s short, cause-related PSA’s in between songs.

Ironically, after Bono dedicated one song to Aung San Suu Kyi, the same lady leaned over and asked me what the reference to Suu Kyi was all about. After I had explained, she snorted in disdain.

This caused me to wonder, how can she oppose a cause if she doesn’t even understand the circumstances or background? Even so, after seeing U2’s performance tonight, I’m confident Bono and crew will win over any fence-sitters to support their cause.

If there’s one lesson I can draw from tonight’s show — it’s that his sincerity rings true. For as much as PR pros analyze strategy and tactics as a means to successful PR ends, one factor not to be left out is believing in your product.

Walk on, Bono.

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Photo:  My own from the concert. 

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