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8 Corporate Communications Tips for Hiring a PR Firm

by Frank Strong

8 Corporate Communication Tips for Hiring a PR Agency

Hiring a PR firm for the corporate communications mix is a sizable undertaking but it usually boils down to picking the right people. As such identifying and selecting a firm is a big decision that deserves a thorough examination of the proposed team.

As the employers I’ve represented have grown larger, the firms I’ve engaged have grown smaller. That’s not by accident, and though I’ve managed a half-dozen or so firms in my tenure, including international firms, I tend to favor a smaller shops, that are nimble, highly responsive, provide access to the firm’s leadership and by virtue of being a small business, have some of their own skin in the game.

My views on hiring the best PR firm for an organization are pretty strong and I’d like to believe based on a broad perspective.  Here’s what has worked for me and I hope of assistance to you. Read More…

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