Sword and the Script

Why you should comment on blogs

by Frank Strong

Generally speaking blog comments are down, meaning it just doesn’t happen as much any more.  I noticed on Brian Solis’ blog tonight, a very good post, with very little reaction. It’s puzzling.  That post has currently earned some 700 social shares, with but just three comments (currently).

Just the other day I was having this conversation with my colleague, about Gini Dietrich’s blog. Gini’s got a fraction of the followers Brian has, but so many more comments (of late). Read More…

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Social media comments: abuse of a writer

Big name tech bloggers.  You either love them or hate them.   I suppose there’s a third option:  love and hate at the same time.

These guys and gals can be subject to a lot of criticism.   Old school journalists cite their quick posts as cavalier and lacking thoroughness. Entrepreneurs tackle their opinions.  Everyone keeps the traffic flowing.

I was taken aback today by the sheer viciousness of the commentary following MG Siegler’s link on Google+ to a blog post he published about Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram.  It appears to me he’s turned comments off on his blog, but there isn’t a way to do that for Google+.

I won’t rehash the vitriol here; you can review them on the link above, but suffice to say MG’s been called every name in the book in response to what I thought was a pretty good post. Read More…

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