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Frank Strong

Who the heck is this Frank Strong character?

Frank Strong  is a classically trained PR pro that believes PR should embrace content marketing, digital media and continuously study the sociological and anthropological impact a dynamic web has on the functions of communications, marketing and influence.

Over the course of nearly 20 years, I have primarily worked in B2B technology circles and “grew up” in an agency environment having worked for firms big and small. For my last three gigs, I’ve been in-house, first with a start-up, then the middle-market, and now with a truly large global company.

I’ve earned three degrees including an M.A. in public communication (’01) and and M.B.A. (’05), which I earned part-time while working for a PR agency. Earning an M.B.A. at night is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done.

As long time service member, with 20+ years in uniform, I’ve deployed twice for about a year each overseas.  I left once for war and once for peace and ironically, war gave me compassion, while peace chipped away at my empathy and hardened my soul.

I’m pretty active on Twitter and Google+ and manage a Google+ page and a Facebook page for this blog. Though the lines of professional and personal social media usage continue to blur,  I tend to limit my LinkedIn connections to people I actually know or have worked with in some way; Facebook I keep personal and wrote a post to explain why:  Confessions of a Facebook Faker.

About the blog: Sword and the Script

This blog is about studying and learning. It’s about commentary, conversation, controversy and connection — connection with people about ideas, theory, experiments and rants related to marketing, PR and social media.  It’s equal parts project, hobby and self-professional development.   I choose to blog for a number of reasons:

  1. Strong words.  I have something to say I think is worth sharing.
  2. Brain power.  Writing is thinking; often my best ideas come after writing a post.
  3. Meet new people. I like the engagement and am continuously amazed at the new friends I’ve made.
  4. Trial and error.  It’s a chance to experiment with content, with tools, with technology and most importantly with ideas.
  5. Advancement.  It enhances my career and introduces me to new opportunities.
  6. PR is interesting.   There has never been a better time to work in PR.
  7. Good times.  I have fun doing it.

 Guest post policy

Yes, I’ll accept a guest post.  I might even take something I absolutely disagree in the spirit of debate.   I am rather selective and so here are some guidelines:

  1. It must be original content not published elsewhere until at least 30 days after published here.
  2. No content farming:  tips posts on “how to” that are a dime a dozen on the Web are boring.
  3. No unnatural links; it’s got to be relevant to PR, marketing or social media.
  4. Have a specific idea in mind; don’t send me a-la-carte pitches; not my style.
  5. Read a post or two before pitching me so can demonstrate you’ve got something that fits.
  6. Don’t be surprised if you pitch me one thing and I ask you for something else.
  7. If your post runs, I expect you to reply to comments.
  8. Know my name; my name isn’t “Hi there.”  PR pros should know better anyway.
  9. If you’re a junior PR pro, take a shot and pitch; if you’re reading this, you’re doing the right homework.
  10. I’m not a big deal.  I don’t pretend to be…but it’s my blog and I’ve worked hard for many years to build a community.

You can reach me at strong3320 {a-t} yahoo [d-o-t] com.


Most of my work has been B2B-focused and in the high tech sector. I am currently a communications director for the LexisNexis Business and Litigation Software Solutions (BLSS) division. Who knew legal was a $300 billion market in the US alone? Trust me, litigation is expensive.

All of the views expressed here are my own and may not reflect the views of my employer, or the military or any other organization with which I’m affiliated.  Often I criticize the things I care about the most…because I care about them.



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