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Posts from around the web this month

by Frank Strong

I write.  A lot.  I enjoy it.

For me, writing is thinking.  And I thrive under deadline.

I’m the type of person that thinks out loud.  That’s just how my brain works.  I like to jot those ideas down and with blogging I can publish them and see what others think.  Blogging is the ultimate testing ground.  Often, this process causes my ideas to sharpen, to gain focus and then we start getting somewhere.

From time to time, I am afforded the opportunity to write some guest posts.   I’ve read you should save your best posts for guests posts — and I try to do that.  If you’d like me to write one for you,  just ask.

I also tend to post once a week on the Vocus Blog, which Chris manages,  and sometimes on BloggingPRWeb, our other blog, which Stacey manages.  Both probably would like to get a few more posts out of me, for which I feel perpetually guilty.  

With all this content, I thought I’d try something different — posting a recap here.  Lot’s of folks have scheduled posts.  Gini Dietrich does Follow Friday, which is a very creative idea.  At Vocus we do, Links We Love, variations of which can be seen all over.  My online friend Krista Giuffi writes A Little Birdy Told Me and I’ve  experimented with a Smart Things series.  However, I’ve decided to drop it; those posts take a lot of effort and don’t have much traction.

So, here’s to another experiment — posts from around the Web:

  1. Ragan.com:  PR measurement as a pet peeve.  There are a ton of posts on measurement.  Most claim everyone is doing it wrong and then leave it at that.  Not only do these posts lack the tact a PR professional should have, they contributed to the confusion.  What do I think I’ve done differently here?  I tell you exactly what I’ve committed to my boss in terms of measurement.
  2. Vocus:  Why Cannes isn’t bad news for marketing.   Many in the PR industry were up in arms over the fact that the Cannes awards were swept by advertisers.  I had a different take: who won, or more accurately the composition of who won speaks volumes to the changes in the industry.
  3. Vocus:  Social media – is this a big deal?  In this post, I’m taking a look at the macro picture.  Social media has changed buying habits; the sales cycle is different now.
  4. BloggingPRWeb:  Content, content, content.  Not long ago I was talking with a PR firm that had a chance to earn some additional business.  They had good ideas, I was interested, but then two things happened.  First the scheduling of a simple teleconference turned into a mess of an email string.   And second, I asked them about their ideas on content marketing.  The answer:  Content marketing?  What’s that?  End of conversation.  But if you don’t know what it is, read this recap of a webinar Marcus Sheridan did for us; it’s been a long time since someone really blew me away.  Marcus rocks the house.
  5. Business 2 Community:  Laggards and Adopters.  Almost half of all B2B companies don’t track or follow up on social media.  Why? People are reaching out and their calls go unanswered.  Times must be good — nope — don’t need any new business.
  6. Business 2 Community:  The Facebook Drama.  It’s ads.  No it’s apps.  No it’s organic.  No its….crazy!  A crazy controversy this Facebook Ad thing has started.  And you know what? It’s amazingly similar to that age old argument of which is better:  advertising or PR?

Have a post you’ve done recently you’re especially proud of?  I’d love to read it!

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I've written a few. :)


The anchor post for me every week is featuring a poet on Fridays - but WordPress ate this past Friday's post. Bollocks.



Frank_Strong moderator

 @jasonkonopinski WordPress can be a little wonky sometimes.  This post here for example, was published, but unable to navigate to it from the home page.  So I edited and republished and that did the trick.  It's good to have themes for weekly posts. 


I'll be interested to hear if this gets more traction than a scheduled post does. It took a long time for our #FF and Gin and Topics to gain traction. In fact, they're still not anywhere near the popularity of the other posts throughout the week. So I'll be curious if you feel like it's worth the time invested.

Frank_Strong moderator

 @ginidietrich  You bet Gini.  The #FF posts you do is really solid on so many levels.  It's really pretty genius. Focused.  Makes new friends.  Adds value through introduction.  I never really got into the Follow Friday thing on Twitter; sure I've tweeted a bit, but more often it strikes me as noisy.  These posts change that a bit and give people a reason to #FF.   As for this post here, once a month can't be too much.   A little link love back to those that afford me the opportunity to write for them including my employer.  But we've chatted about this! 

ginidietrich like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @Frank_Strong I don't think once a month is too much at all! I'm pretty stoked about this for you.