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Stop the Presses! It’s a Press Release Revival

Press Release Revival

Google skipped a press release for its quarterly earnings a short while ago, which spawned another round of “Is the press release dead” posts that stretched out along the summer.

Even PR Week jumped on the “trend” as evidenced by a HARO query for a “Gloves Off” section I noticed a few weeks back.  I haven’t seen the article post yet.

Sigh.  I find such posts to be old, tired and misguided. After all, Bill Sledzik wrote he first heard the press release was dead in 1979!

Yet as the seasons have turned it seems to have brought a renewed appreciating for the staple press release.  It’s a revival.  Let’s celebrate.

Here are a few posts I’ve spotted lately:

Here are a few of my previous thoughts the topic:

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Photo credit: Flickr, George Moore, Press Release Re: Robert C. Moore (CC BY-ND 2.0)

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  • Davina K. Brewer

    Not sure I'd call it a comeback or revival, because I've not fallen for the "release is dead" hype. It's changed, it's evolved. It's expanded to social media releases, optimized with keywords and links and resources like video. It's shrunk to the quick-fire pitch, maybe even 140 characters or less. It's all things in between. What I'd say is dead or should be is the blanket release, the spam blast sent to any and everyone without targeting. FWIW.

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